Digital Colony Labs is where I keep the code examples and tools.

Amazon Link – This tool builds an XHTML compliant link with small, medium or large images for Amazon associates.

ASP.NET Report – This example converts an RSS Feed into a web page that looks like The Drudge Report.

GridView Highlighter – Add a mouseover row and column highlight to an ASP.NET GridView control.

Mask Email – This tool is used to fool spiders from adding email addresses to SPAM lists.

SmugMug – SmugMug is an online photo application.  This example pulls an RSS feed of images in a gallery and displays them on the page.

Validate DOCTYPE – ASP.NET code that asks the W3C validator if a given URL markup is valid.

Zodiac Calculator – You know that calendar that sometimes appears as a place mat in Chinese restaurants?  This is the ASP.NET version.