Dan Caruso

Dan Caruso

Senior Advisor – Chairman & CEO of Zayo Group

Dan Caruso is a Senior Advisor to Digital Colony and the Chairman and CEO of Zayo.

Throughout his career, Mr. Caruso has been part of three fiber startups that have become decacorns, which means they eclipsed valuations of $10 billion. The first, which Mr. Caruso joined as it began to scale, was MFS Communications. MFS was a pioneer in competing with the Bell system during the initial commercialization of the Internet. The second, which Mr. Caruso joined as a founding executive, was Level 3 Communications. Mr. Caruso served in a variety of strategic and operational leadership roles during his tenure at Level 3, including oversight of engineering, construction, operations and marketing. The third is Zayo Group.

Prior to launching Zayo, Mr. Caruso was the President and CEO of ICG Communications, where he led the take-private buyout in 2004. He began his career at Illinois Bell/Ameritech.

Mr. Caruso holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois.