Digital Colony is a global investment firm with a unique focus on next generation mobile and internet infrastructure. Our team combines the sector knowledge of Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC, a leading owner and operator of digital infrastructure businesses, and the investment expertise of Colony Capital, Inc. (NYSE: CLNY), a leading real estate investment management firm. Together we identify and capitalize on differentiated investment opportunities within digital infrastructure.

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Investment Opportunity

In an increasingly connected world, we believe there has never been a greater need for continued development of and capital investments in digital infrastructure assets. Such assets are required to support the considerable rise in mobile data and video consumption, as well as the increased popularity of cloud computing, big data analysis, IT outsourcing, e-commerce, and other emerging technology trends.

Digital Colony is uniquely positioned at the cross-section of the high-growth technology sector and the traditional real estate and infrastructure investment landscape to capitalize on opportunities to invest in the data centers, macro cell towers, fiber networks and small cell networks that make up both wireless and internet infrastructure.

As the rest of the world catches up to the rapid growth of mobile data consumption in the U.S., we are identifying and pursuing exciting investment opportunities around the world.

We believe today's market conditions present a unique opportunity to invest in mobile and internet infrastructure

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We believe demand may be driven by increasing consumption of mobile data and video

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We expect digital infrastructure will benefit from growth and innovation in the technology sector

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As other parts of the world approach U.S. data consumption levels, they will require more digital infrastructure investment


Investment opportunities are generally private-sector funded, requiring fewer government approvals


Need for technical expertise to support investment in assets that traditional infrastructure investors don’t have

Investment Strategy

The four key segments of mobile and internet infrastructure – towers, data centers, small cells, and fiber – each play an important role in the way people and businesses communicate, share information, and consume content. Digital Colony plans to focus its investment efforts in these areas, diversify across all of the digital infrastructure sub-sectors, and leverage the expertise honed over the last two decades in the space.

  • Macro Towers

    Macro towers help networks reach the capacity levels needed to meet data traffic growth.

    Macro Towers

  • Small Cell/DAS

    Outdoor and Indoor small cell deployments help operators build denser networks that can reuse bandwidth more efficiently.

    Small Cell/DAS

  • Data Centers

    Data Centers role is essential to enable the Internet of Things (IoT): the value of IoT is largely in the data.

    Data Centers

  • Fiber

    Fiber is the connectivity tissue of the industry; it is a critical component for 4G and 5G networks enabling data to travel at the speed of light.


digital colony’s focus is to invest in four key segments of mobile and internet infrastructure to take advantage of physical infrastructure convergence ahead of the anticipated global 5G rollout and beyond.

Why digital colony?

The combination of digital infrastructure expertise from Digital Bridge with the resources and global reach of Colony Capital gives Digital Colony a unique competitive advantage.

  • Industry Leading  Expertise

    Industry Leading Expertise

    Our team has over 23 years of experience creating value in the digital infrastructure asset class - not just as an investor, but also through the active management of portfolio companies. We are among the few pioneers of the digital infrastructure investment landscape.

  • Hands-On  Experience

    Hands-On Experience

    Over two decades of demonstrated expertise as industry leaders through active engagement in the operation of macro cell towers, hyperscale data centers, enterprise data centers, fiber networks and small cell networks from the outset of this specialized asset class.

  • Extensive Network

    Extensive Network

    Deep industry roots and strong relationships in both digital infrastructure and real estate. Our good standing with these key industry players continuously generates proprietary investment opportunities as they come to market.

Executive Leadership Team

The Digital Colony executive leadership team has a proven track record of successfully investing in and operating mobile and internet infrastructure businesses across multiple continents.

  • Marc Ganzi

    Managing Partner

  • Ben Jenkins

    Managing Partner

  • Justin Chang

    Investment Committee Member

  • Jonathan Grunzweig

    Investment Committee Member

Investment Team

  • Jeff Ginsberg

    Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

  • Jon Mauck

    Managing Director

  • Steven Sonnenstein

    Managing Director

  • Kevin Smithen

    Managing Director

  • Tom Yanagi

    Managing Director

  • Warren Roll

    Managing Director

  • Geoffrey Goldschein

    Managing Director and General Counsel

  • Leslie Wolff Golden

    Managing Director

  • Sadiq Malik

    Managing Director

  • James Burke


  • Geneviève Maltais-Boisvert


  • Hayden Boucher


  • Scott McBride


  • Wilson Chung


  • Manjari Govada

    Vice President

  • Clay Gregory

    Vice President

  • Morgan Jones

    Vice President

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